Monday 17 June 2013

Bartender of the Year

Liquor – Western Cape bartender, Nick Koumbarakis, was awarded the prestigious title of Bartender of the Year at the Diageo Reserve World Class competition held in Durban recently.    He will represent South Africa at the finals from 4 July to be hosted on board the Azamara Journey cruise ship while cruising the M.Ed.    The term “Mixology” was unknown a few years ago, but one can currently choose between a number of bartending acadamies offering comprehensive courses in the techniques of serving all kinds of wonderful cocktails.    The winner of the world event can expect to become a household name in the industry, travel the world and practice his trade at high profile events.

LiquorWise wishes Nick all of the best and knows he will do SA proud.

Thursday 6 June 2013

KZN Liquor Licence Holders Raided

Liquor Act Compliance  -  Six liquor licensed outlets were closed down and fines worth R20 000 issued to non-compliant licence holders.   This followed a combined raid on 57 licensed outlets by the SAP, KZN Liquor Board and the Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality on 4 June.  Taverns, Restaurants, Manufacturers and Liquor Distributors in the greater Durban area were targeted.   

Spokesmen for the National Liquor Authority (NLA) and the KZN Liquor Board warned that more raids would be conducted in future.   They expressed concern that liquor licence holders seem to be ignorant of important information regarding their licence conditions.

LiquorWise remind liquor licence holders that it is their duty to ensure they are aware of their licence conditions, as well as sections of their provincial Liquor Act applicable to their specific business.   Contact LiquorWise for free advice on Liquor Laws.

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