Friday 31 March 2017

Cider Revolution?

Liquor Cider -  Sxollie Cider has started a “cider revolution” according to the owners of the Sxollie Cider brewery.    They support this contention by emphasizing that cider sales is the fastest growing segment in the craft brewing sector, even passing the growth of craft beer.    They aim to further the “cider revolution” by educating the public about craft cider.  
The name “Sxollie” was chosen to arouse the market’s interest, as it resonates with almost every person – young and old.  The owners stated that they “have an amazing product that we can be proud of; a product that celebrates Africa through its raw materials, its flavour profiles, and its exceptional branding."  More on the “cider revolution” may be found HERE.  

(Article by LiquorWise, based on article in The Times)

Thursday 30 March 2017

Gauteng Liquor Board Powerless?

Gauteng Liquor Board - The Gauteng Liquor Board told a provincial parliament committee that it is powerless as, ito the current Gauteng Liquor Act, it -
  • Cannot revoke liquor licences,
  • Cannot refuse to renew liquor licences if complaints or objections are lodged against existing licence holders,
  • Estimates nearly 50% of all liquor traders in Gauteng trade without a liquor licence.
The Gauteng Liquor Board requested the MEC to expedite the introduction of a new Gauteng Liquor Act, something which has been pending for a while.   The Board alleged that this would :
  • Allow faster processing of liquor licence applications, and
  • Result in quick and effective action against illegal liquor outlets.
LiquorWise has experienced a number of shortcomings in the current Gauteng Liquor Act for many years and would welcome the introduction of a new Liquor Act for Gauteng to address the situation.   The legislative process is slow and it usually takes a number of years to get a new liquor act passed and implemented.   The sooner the process is started, the better.
[Article by The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division) from an article in Westside-Eldos]

Thursday 16 March 2017

KZN Liquor Law stop supermarkets from selling liquor

Liquor law – The "fix" many KZN supermarkets are finding themselves in has once again emphasized the need for licence holders to ensure that they are advised by experienced liquor consultants who are legally trained to interpret liquor laws and advise their clients timeously.   Many liquor licensed supermarkets have been caught napping by neglecting to implement a 2014 amendment to the Liquor Act.   It required supermarkets to implement the following :
  • a separate till point;
  • strictly controlled entry and exit points;
  • appropriate signage to be displayed at the entrance to the liquor section within the grocer's store prohibiting entry of minors; and
  • a separate and enclosed demarcated area for retail sale of liquor with a single
These changes had to be implemented within 3 years and many supermarkets seem to have missed the deadline.   The result is that new liquor licence applications will have to be lodged – at substantial cost to current licence holders.  To add to the situation, government authorities have vowed to start inspections soon.       Most of the big supermarket chains have been caught with egg on their face.
(Article by LiquorWise, based on News24 article)

Thursday 9 March 2017

Wine Popsicels – A Tasty Success Story

Liquor products –  One of the biggest wine news items in 2017 is the success of PJ Pops, which has translated into more than R1m in turnover since launched on 1 September 2016.  PJ Pops?  A certain pop singer - Ms PJ Powers - would be the first thing which comes to mind.  It was therefore quite a surprise at the time to learn it referred to Pierre Jourdan Popsicles (not for sale to children).   
PJ Pops was the brainchild of Natasha Alomia, director of JML Consulting.   She partnered with Pick ‘n Pay and Riaan van Niekerk (Clos Cabriere), who had been toying with the same idea.   Three flavours are to be added to the existed two, one of which has been described as slightly sweetened with natural fructose with a velvety sorbet finish to deliver a more decadent dessert experience.   For more on PJ Pops, our readers can click HERE

(Adapted by LiquorWise from article by Vida Booysen - Network24)

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Mpumlanga Liquor Licence Holders Fined and Closed

Liquor licence holders  The Mpumalanga Liquor Board recently partnered several government departments in assisting the police to inspect 35 liquor licence holders in a joint operation.  14 liquor traders had their businesses closed for trading outside of liquor trading hours and 21 were fined for transgressing the conditions of the liquor licences.  
Other offences related to the sale of liquor to minors and for liquor consumed off premises which were licensed for the consumption of liquor on a premises.

(Adapted by LiquorWise from article of Alet Joubert – Network24)

Sunday 5 March 2017

Liquor regulation – Eastern Cape Liquor Board hosts stakeholders

Liquor regulation – The Eastern Cape liquor regulations will be discussed in a workshop by the Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) and the DTI in East London from 12 – 14 March 2017.  Stakeholders have been invited, but it isn’t open to the public.   Majova-Songca said that Ministers Rob Davies, Lidiwe Zulu and Aaron Motsoaledi will attend, due to “the monitoring of the liquor industry being an inter-governmental exercise.”  The workshop will discuss, amongst other issues,  compliance and monitoring of liquor licence holders, job creation in the liquor industry and the impact of alcohol abuse. 

(LiquorWise Article from Daily Dispatch Article (Siya Boya)