Thursday 16 March 2017

KZN Liquor Law stop supermarkets from selling liquor

Liquor law – The "fix" many KZN supermarkets are finding themselves in has once again emphasized the need for licence holders to ensure that they are advised by experienced liquor consultants who are legally trained to interpret liquor laws and advise their clients timeously.   Many liquor licensed supermarkets have been caught napping by neglecting to implement a 2014 amendment to the Liquor Act.   It required supermarkets to implement the following :
  • a separate till point;
  • strictly controlled entry and exit points;
  • appropriate signage to be displayed at the entrance to the liquor section within the grocer's store prohibiting entry of minors; and
  • a separate and enclosed demarcated area for retail sale of liquor with a single
These changes had to be implemented within 3 years and many supermarkets seem to have missed the deadline.   The result is that new liquor licence applications will have to be lodged – at substantial cost to current licence holders.  To add to the situation, government authorities have vowed to start inspections soon.       Most of the big supermarket chains have been caught with egg on their face.
(Article by LiquorWise, based on News24 article)


  1. But what's the reasoning behind it?

  2. If people do not follow these rules then they face the appropriate consequences for disobeying them. Some countries are run similar and others are run very

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