Thursday 30 March 2017

Gauteng Liquor Board Powerless?

Gauteng Liquor Board - The Gauteng Liquor Board told a provincial parliament committee that it is powerless as, ito the current Gauteng Liquor Act, it -
  • Cannot revoke liquor licences,
  • Cannot refuse to renew liquor licences if complaints or objections are lodged against existing licence holders,
  • Estimates nearly 50% of all liquor traders in Gauteng trade without a liquor licence.
The Gauteng Liquor Board requested the MEC to expedite the introduction of a new Gauteng Liquor Act, something which has been pending for a while.   The Board alleged that this would :
  • Allow faster processing of liquor licence applications, and
  • Result in quick and effective action against illegal liquor outlets.
LiquorWise has experienced a number of shortcomings in the current Gauteng Liquor Act for many years and would welcome the introduction of a new Liquor Act for Gauteng to address the situation.   The legislative process is slow and it usually takes a number of years to get a new liquor act passed and implemented.   The sooner the process is started, the better.
[Article by The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division) from an article in Westside-Eldos]

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