Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Liquor Licences transform & improve historical town

Liquor licence -   A good example of successfully integrating commercial and aesthetic ideals is the transformation of the Valpara√≠so downtown historical district.   The catalyst in this process was the granting of ten low-cost liquor licences in the area, followed by a concerted effort from local businessmen and restaurateurs.    The low-cost liquor licences helped the businesses to become more competitive, while the increase in revenue has enabled landlords to improve the historical buildings and public areas.

The low-cost liquor licences resulted in ten licensed restaurants in an area where the vacancy rate was once forty percent.    While this may not be the template  for all  South African towns, many local municipalities can keep this success story in mind when commenting on liquor licence applications.   If liquor licence conditions are enforced by the liquor officer in charge, there should be no reason to oppose the granting of more liquor licensed premises.

(Article from The Times, edited by LiquorWise)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Liquor Stores - New Opportunity to Distribute Liquor?

Liquor distribution -  New business opportunities for liquor stores to distribute liquor in South Africa may be on the cards.   This would be the result if independent beer distributor, Big Daddy’s, wins its case against SAB, which is currently being heard by the Competition Tribunal.   Big Daddy’s (BD) took on SAB in 2004 because it complained that SAB provided discounts to an elite group of 14 distributors selected by the brewer.    This meant that about 1200 smaller distributors had to, and still have to, buy beer and other products from SAB at full price.   It then has to sell it to its clients(bars, liquor stores, restaurants) at the same price.   What makes this situation even worse, according to BD, is that SAB doesn’t deliver in regions it deems to small or too remote(read – “not profitable”).  Furthermore, SAB also dictates delivery times and dates, although retail liquor outlets may want delivery at other, more convenient times or more often. 

Times Live reported that SAB denies BD’s claims and says it stands to lose R729-million a year if these "discounts" were extended to the 1200 independent liquor distributors.   It alleged that it would become an uncompetitive player globally and that  extending the discounts would create a "vicious cycle".

LiquorWise will keep you updated as this landmark case nears it conclusion.  

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Liquor Trading Hours Change and Sunday Trading for Cape Town?

Liquor law -  Cape Town residents want Sunday liquor sales and extended trading hours.   This was evident when more than 90 percent of those present at the first round of public hearings asked for it.    Liquor licence holders will smart at this as the majority have always been of the view that there was nothing wrong with the liquor trading hours in the first place.   

It seems probable that the process will end where it started, with liquor licence holders being able to trade as they were before the Cape Town liquor by-law was implemented.   Many liquor licence holders would argue that the many hours and money wasted on this process could have been spent on apprehending illegal liquor traders, which was one of the main aims of  the new Western Cape liquor act.  

We trust common sense will prevail.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Winelands Liquor Store - Licence suspended and fined R10 000

Liquor Store -  The Goudini Kontantwinkel, a liquor store in the Worcester region, has had its liquor licence temporarily suspended and fined R10 000.   The SAP found ID documents and bank cards when searching the premises early in July 2013, which were allegedly retained as security for liquor debt.  A criminal case has been opened against the liquor licence holder, who can be fined up to R500 000 or jailed for up to 2 years if found guilty.

(Article by Business Day, edited by LiquorWise)

Western Cape - Campaign against alcohol abuse

Liquor - The WC Liquor Authority (WCLA) will launch a campaign to promote responsible drinking next week and educate residents about the dangers of alcohol abuse.   It has participated in town festivals recently to engage with the public, handing out breathalyzers and information booklets. The awareness campaign will start in Malmesbury and end in Mossel Bay at the end of August.

Training for all Western Cape liquor licence holders

Liquor licence holders - The Western Cape government has promised to host training programmes for all of its 8 131 liquor licence holders to ensure they will be aware of the requirements of the new Western Cape Liquor Act.  MEC Mr Alan Winde said liquor traders need to be educated about their responsibilities.   It aims to use the new Western Cape Liquor Act to regulate legal liquor trade and to root out noncompliant liquor traders.