Tuesday 13 August 2013

Liquor Licences transform & improve historical town

Liquor licence -   A good example of successfully integrating commercial and aesthetic ideals is the transformation of the Valparaíso downtown historical district.   The catalyst in this process was the granting of ten low-cost liquor licences in the area, followed by a concerted effort from local businessmen and restaurateurs.    The low-cost liquor licences helped the businesses to become more competitive, while the increase in revenue has enabled landlords to improve the historical buildings and public areas.

The low-cost liquor licences resulted in ten licensed restaurants in an area where the vacancy rate was once forty percent.    While this may not be the template  for all  South African towns, many local municipalities can keep this success story in mind when commenting on liquor licence applications.   If liquor licence conditions are enforced by the liquor officer in charge, there should be no reason to oppose the granting of more liquor licensed premises.

(Article from The Times, edited by LiquorWise)

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