Thursday 8 August 2013

Liquor Trading Hours Change and Sunday Trading for Cape Town?

Liquor law -  Cape Town residents want Sunday liquor sales and extended trading hours.   This was evident when more than 90 percent of those present at the first round of public hearings asked for it.    Liquor licence holders will smart at this as the majority have always been of the view that there was nothing wrong with the liquor trading hours in the first place.   

It seems probable that the process will end where it started, with liquor licence holders being able to trade as they were before the Cape Town liquor by-law was implemented.   Many liquor licence holders would argue that the many hours and money wasted on this process could have been spent on apprehending illegal liquor traders, which was one of the main aims of  the new Western Cape liquor act.  

We trust common sense will prevail.

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