Friday 26 July 2013

9000 Year Old Beer Recipe !

Beer – Wits students decided to brew beer to an ancient recipe, deducted from material which a US archaeologist found in pottery jars dating back to the Stone Age.    They brewed about 20 litres with an alcohol content of 8%.Wits professor, Antony Higginson, said that besides giving one a feeling of euphoria, it was also much safer to drink than any other liquid in ancient times.     

We wonder which name our readers would suggest as fitting for this special beer?   Come on, tell us what you think!

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Liquor Store must be shut down - Blue Downs Residents

Liquor Store - Residents of Blue Downs have applied for an urgent court interdict to have a new liquor store, Ernie’s Liquor Store, shut down.   The liquor store  was to have opened for business on 15 July.  Judge Dennis Davis postponed the court application to allow other parties, such as the Western Cape Liquor Authority, to respond.  

The main objection is that the liquor store is situated next to a church, opposite a mosque, close to a crèche and close to a high school.   Although the premises is correctly zoned for business purposes, the various parties representing the community feel that the application should never have been granted.    Objections were allegedly forwarded to the Liquor Authority for consideration with the liquor licence application. 

The matter is expected to be heard either on Thursday or Friday.

(Article by [email protected] (Cape Times), edited by LiquorWise)

Monday 15 July 2013

Liquor Store in trouble over ID books for liquor debt

Liquor Store -  The SAP confiscated ID documents, bank cards and SASSA cards when executing a search warrant on a liquor store in the Winelands region recently.   The owner allegedly withheld the documents of farm workers until their liquor debt had been settled.   A two-year jail sentence or a fine of up to R500 000 may be imposed for such an offence.   This action follows soon on the heels of a warrant executed on a Saldanha Bay liquor store for allegedly selling liquor illegally to unlicensed traders (read article on our Blog below).

The Western Cape Liquor Authority encouraged the public to report illegal behaviour by licence holders to it or their local police office.   

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Western Cape Liquor Act - Important On-Site Requirements

Liquor Act - Liquor licence holders in the Western Cape must ensure they comply to a number of basic, on-site requirements stipulated in the new Western Cape Liquor Act (“the Liquor Act”) to prevent them being issued with a compliance notice or fined.    One of the most important requirements refer to the sign to be displayed on the premises and refer to the following :

A sign must be displayed on the front door or window of the licensed premises in characters not less than 5cm in height and must contain the following :

The name of the premises
As shown on the licence.

The type of licence issued
Indicate “On Consumption” (restaurants, pubs, sport bars, clubs, function venues, taverns) or “Off Consumption” (liquor stores, supermarkets, wine shops)

The trading hours
These are the hours determined by Municipal By-Law (Contact Us for the trading hours in a municipal area).   If no by-law has been passed, the following Liquor Act trading hours are applicable :

On Consumption -  11h00 – 02h00 (Mon – Sun)
Off Consumption -  09h00 – 18h00 (Mon – Sun)

The Licence Number
This is the number on the licence or renewal notice which is preceded by the capital letters – “WCP”.

Contact LiquorWise for advice on compliance to the Western Cape Liquor Act.