Tuesday 16 July 2013

Liquor Store must be shut down - Blue Downs Residents

Liquor Store - Residents of Blue Downs have applied for an urgent court interdict to have a new liquor store, Ernie’s Liquor Store, shut down.   The liquor store  was to have opened for business on 15 July.  Judge Dennis Davis postponed the court application to allow other parties, such as the Western Cape Liquor Authority, to respond.  

The main objection is that the liquor store is situated next to a church, opposite a mosque, close to a crèche and close to a high school.   Although the premises is correctly zoned for business purposes, the various parties representing the community feel that the application should never have been granted.    Objections were allegedly forwarded to the Liquor Authority for consideration with the liquor licence application. 

The matter is expected to be heard either on Thursday or Friday.

(Article by [email protected] (Cape Times), edited by LiquorWise)

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