Thursday, 6 July 2017

New Breathalyzer tested in Western Cape

Breathalyzer - A new breathalyzer device will be tested in the Western Cape over the next 3 months.  This follows previous devices which were found by the High Court to be inaccurate. The idea is that the device will not be used as the final proof of intoxication - it is used to show if a driver may be above the legal limit.  If it indicates a driver may be above the legal limit, the driver is taken to a facility where a proper blood test is conducted.   A driver may be fined or sentenced to jail if the blood test confirms the driver is over the legal limit.   Traffic authorities confirmed that the device may potentially be used on a national basis, if it is found to be successful in the Western Cape. 
What is the limit?  Roughly two beers or two glasses of wine should put a driver at risk of being over the legal limit.   Drivers should therefore be careful not to put the licences at risk buy driving under the influence of alcohol.   

Western Cape Schools may be licensed to sell liquor

Liquor - The WC Cabinet has approved changes to the WC Schools Act ("Act") to allow the sale and consumption of liquor on school premises.    Schools will have to apply to the HOD ("Head of Education") for approval and the HOD will authorise a governing body to allow the sale of liquor.   This will allow fund-raising functions to be licensed to sell liquor on school premises, which raises much needed revenue for most schools to use to the advantage of their learners.   It was nearly impossible to obtain a liquor licence for such functions under the current Act. 

The Draft Bill will now be published for final comments, following which it will be introduced to parliament for discussion, approval and implementation.