Thursday 19 May 2016

Drinking Age Finally Raised to 21? (Part 1)

Liquor Laws - The proposal to hike the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 was again in the spotlight this week.  The DTI handed the new (revised) edition of the National Liquor Policy to the cabinet for their consideration later this month.    

The majority of role players slammed the proposal, using phrases such as :
  • “… see us going back to the past, back to the apartheid era of draconian controls and lack of respect for South African civilians” – Free Market Association
  • “Where are we going with economic freedom in our lifetime” – Nafcoc
  • “'only breed a whole new underworld of bootleggers” – Matric Rage
  • “We are having more and more laws.  How are they going to make it effective and police it properly?” – Fedhasa

Support for the acceptance of the increased age, came from the following parties :
  • “..the country has lost billions as a result of alcohol abuse” – SA Medical Research Council
  •  “We think it’s a very good idea. It could save thousands of lives a year.” – SA Against Drunk Driving
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[Article by The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division) – Sources : Independent Newspapers, Business Day]

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