Sunday 22 May 2016

Liquor Auctions – Surprising All

Liquor – Every now and then one reads about a fantastic price paid at a liquor auction for a very old bottle of liquor.  The question which comes to mind is – Are these auctions for show, or for the “dough”?   We suggest it’s for a bit of both.  Barneby’s reported that the global turnover of wine auctions alone topped $346 million in 2015!   Sotheby’s recently sold a case of Richebourg 1978 for £211 500 – a record and three times the amount it was expected to fetch.
One of our clients recently mentioned she still has a bottle of 1939 KWV Tawny Port from varsity days.  On enquiry, we learnt that it is valued at       about R10 000.00.    The client is now considering selling it and booking a Mauritius island holiday!   
Do you have a bottle of any kind of liquor of which you would like the approximate value?  Click HERE to send us your bottle’s details – and we’ll oblige.  You may just find yourself pleasantly surprised!
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[Written by The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division).  Source : Die Burger]

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