Thursday 5 May 2016

Coke & SABMiller create opportunity for small liquor licensed outlets

Liquor Licensed Traders – The merger of the soft drink businesses of Coca-Cola and SABMiller may bring some good news for current and prospective small traders.   In an effort to gain official approval for the merger, the companies have endeavoured to develop entrepeneurs by creating a R400m fund.   As many as 20 000 black-owned retail businesses are expected to be created.  This will focus on developing distribution opportunities and increasing skill levels, which would assist enterprise development.  An interesting development has been Coke’s undertaking to allow outlets smaller than 20sqm to provide 10% of space in Coke fridges to competitor products.

This development creates an opportunity for liquor licensed retail outlets to expand their existing businesses to grow more substantial businesses and enjoy the economy of scale benefits.
[Article by Bizcommunity, edited by The Licence Co (LiquorWiseDivision)]

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