Sunday 22 May 2016

21 – The new legal Drinking Age? (Part 2)

Liquor Laws Will Cabinet consent to the DTI's proposal of 21 as the legal drinking age? One cannot but lean towards Leon Louw of the Free Market Foundation's comment – “Being drunk with power is more dangerous than drunk driving”.   Government seems set on  "conveniently" ignoring the glaring contradiction – lowering the age of majority  to 18 yrs, but then increasing the legal drinking age to 21yrs.  Approval will almost guarantee an increase in illegal liquor trading, which will no doubt have the greatest negative impact on the poor.   
We support the view that culture and context,  rather than alcohol,  are the reasons for the violence for which alcohol consumption is being blamed.   We welcome your views on this important topic, the outcome of which is set to have a major influence, not only on consumers, but on all retail and wholesale liquor licence holders.

[Article by The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division)]

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