Thursday 10 October 2013

Bill to ban liquor ads

Liquor Ads -  Government is adamant to proceed with the banning of liquor ads.  No South African should doubt this anymore as cabinet has approved the advertising of  a draft Bill banning alcohol advertising.  The Bill seeks to restrict the advertisement of alcoholic beverages, and sponsorship associated with alcoholic beverages.
This decision is controversial for a number of reasons, the most important being :
  • Job losses -  Experts estimate that up to 12 000 jobs may be lost at a time when the South African economy can ill afford to lose any jobs. 
  • Research -  A study of 20 countries over 26 years found that alcohol advertising bans did not decrease the consumption of alcohol.

Most South Africans would like to see the ill-effects of alcohol consumption reduced, but don’t believe a ban on advertising would produce the results wanted.   It is believed that alcohol abuse will only be reduced when the socio-economic and unemployment challenges are addressed.
(Article by SAPA, edited by LiquorWise)

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