Sunday 10 August 2014

Judge asks Public Protector to Investigate National Liquor Authority

Liquor Licensing - Judge Piet Ebersohn(Pretoria High Court) has requested the Public Protector (PP) to investigate the handling of wholesale liquor licence applications by the Department of Trade and Industry.  His request relates to a number of court applications by applicants for wholesale liquor licences.   Due to the long delay by the National Liquor Authority (NLA) to consider these applications, the applicants asked the court to order the authorities to consider the applications without delay.
The judge’s issue was that the State Attorney(SA) seemed to oppose these applications for the same reasons which had been ruled against in a number of previous, similar applications.   Irrespective of this, the SA continued to oppose these applications and then proceeded to appoint expensive legal representatives.   
This caused “scandalous” delays and wasted costs, which were against the public interest and a waste of taxpayer’s money.

(Article by Beeld, adapted by LiquorWise)

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