Monday, 1 August 2016

Craft Beer Health Benefits - on a Serious Note

Craft BeerDoes it seem to you that everyone selling anything is trying to convince you of its health benefits?   Craft beer isn’t any different, but can back it up.   Some of the health benefits associated with moderate consumption of craft beer are the following :
·         Lowers cholesterol (by increasing HDL levels).
·         Increases awareness
·         Reduces the chance of weight gain among women who drink moderately, compared to those who don’t drink.
·         Decreases the risk of Alzheimers
·         Lower risk of being anxious (hypertension).
·         Reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.
·         Craft Beer is rich in silicon – which helps to make you bones stronger (may prevent osteoporosis).
·         Lessens your chances of heart attack.
·         Lowers the chances of arthritis and reduces severity of rheumatoid arthritis
·         Reduces your chances of diabetes 
·         Hops contain an ingredient which has anti-cancer activity in liver cancer cells;
·         Improves the absorption of fiber

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