Monday 26 September 2016

Western Cape Government to increase the price of liquor

Liquor Laws Western CapeThe Western Cape Provincial Government (WCPG) plans to reduce alcohol abuse by raising the price of liquor.   Its intention has been published in a green paper (accessible here), which also proposes to clamp down on drinking-and-driving and reduce liquor trading hours.   

A long list of proposals is contained in the green paper, of which the following are amongst the most interesting or alarming (depending on the status of the reader!) :
  • Increasing the price of liquor by -
    • raising taxes (excise duty), or 
    • introducing a minimum price for liquor products
  • Reducing liquor trading hours
  • A national ban on alcohol advertising, promotion and marketing.
  • Reducing the number of liquor outlets in areas where such outlets are considered to be too densely represented
  • Zero-tolerance for drivers - those whose licences aren’t older than 3 years or are under 21 years of age
  • Greater use of breathalyser testing (eg. testing pedestrians at hot spots)
  • Limiting trading hours
  • Reducing the density of alcohol outlets (500m radius - rule).
  • Reducing the actual alcohol content in beverages.
Comment can be forwarded to the WCPG on or before 30 November 2016   

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