Tuesday 28 May 2013

Flavoured Beer?

Beer.  You may be excused for suspecting a prank from your drinking partners when they offer to buy you a "flavoured" beer.   You would be wrong.  Ask any of the growing number of beer drinkers who are choosing “ales” and “stouts”  at their local pub or liquor store.   They are enjoying “ales” and “stouts”, some with subtle aromas such as bacon or blueberry.   

Traditionally, South Africans mainly drink “lager” beer.  An increasing number are slowly waking up to the wonderful new flavours and textures of “ales” and “stouts” offered by micro-breweries.

Micro-brewers are inclined to experiment a lot more than the bigger commercial lager brands.   You may therefore find micro-brewed beers with a subtle aroma of bacon or blueberry.   Some may be very dark in colour and may have significant higher alcohol content.   Quite a few are catering to the female market, offering chocolate-flavoured beer and ciders.

The “proof of the pudding” will always be in the tasting and it is no different when it comes to beer.   The response of the South African beer lover seems to indicate that he/she has been won over by the variety of beers offered by micro-breweries.

Have you ever had the chance to taste a beer other than your lager favourite?    If not, you owe it to yourself to do so.   Go ahead - it may be the next big thing in cool!

(Article by LiquorWise)

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