Wednesday 29 May 2013

Should Liquor Ads Be Banned?

Liquor Ads - Will the banning of liquor ads help to curb excessive liquor consumption?   The national health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, is adamant to continue his crusade to stop the advertising of alcoholic beverages. He plans to present draft legislation to Parliament this month.  He stands to run afoul of a large number of businesses whose main income is in some way involved with the sale of liquor.  

It was recently reported that more than R2 billion is spent on liquor advertising in South Africa.   Sport sponsorship accounts for 30% of this amount.    SAB nearly doubled its spend – from R547 million in 2011 to     R816 million.  This begs the question why businesses are prepared to spend such vast amounts on liquor advertising?

The answer is quite simple, according to an article by Bhekisisa Mncube in          recently.   He recited Richard Polley, recognised authority on advertising matters, who insists that advertisers present information in a way that is easily absorbed so that we do not have to do a lot of thinking in order to take in the concept and apply it at a later time subconsciously.    Are role players in the liquor industry therefore aware of the effect of alcohol advertising?  

The public have been presented with numerous reports and studies on the role of liquor in driving-related fatalities and crime.   Anyone would be hard pressed to deny the cost of alcohol related incidents, both on an emotional and financial level.  

However, despite all the reports, studies and emotional rhetoric, the question still remains – will a ban on alcohol advertising reduce the consumption of liquor?   Furthermore, will it induce responsible behaviour by those who consume it?    

Tell us what you believe.

(Article by LiquorWise)

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