Sunday 18 May 2014

Flea market stalls - Getting a liquor licence?

Liquor law -  The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division) will be making a submission to the Western Cape Liquor Authority(WCLA) to consider amending the current Western Cape Liquor Act (Act) to allow for the licensing of flea market stalls.    

A stall could easily be licensed by tailoring the conditions of a liquor licence.   It could allow a stall owner to trade only on the days on which the flea market (in any of its many forms) trades, for instance every Saturday from 08h00 until 13h00.    The category for "on and off consumption" liquor licences would allow a stall owner to sell liquor to be consumed on a demarcated area forming part of his/her stall, as well as to be taken away to be enjoyed off the stall premises.

It has been a big issue for stall owners for many years, as liquor licences were only issued to occupants of permanent premises - which could be locked up and left.  This meant that a stall owner had to submit an individual application for each trading day, which often meant 4 times or more per month.   The financial and administrative burden - to the applicant, the SAP liquor officer and the WCLA - was so considerable that it often put a stop to an application before it even reach the paperwork stage.

We are confident of the chances of the proposal being adopted, as the WCLA has been focusing on making the Liquor Act as user-friendly as possible.

As they say - watch this space!

(Article by The Licence Co) - LiquorWise Division)

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