Sunday 22 June 2014

Liquor Licence for a Shooting Range?

Liquor Licence -  Will a shooting range in South Africa be granted a liquor licence?   Well, a modern, indoor gun range has applied to become the first shooting range in Oklahoma to serve liquor in their on-site restaurant.   Although it’s difficult to see this ever being allowed in South Africa, other US states, such as California, Texas, Georgia and New York, have allowed it. 

Why would a shooting ranger owner, seemingly unnecessarily, be looking for trouble?     The answer (expected?) – a liquor licence permit would generate higher income from business activities as it will attract meetings and executive functions. 

The owner argues that they have more than sufficient safeguards to prevent any problems.   For instance, customers would be forced to leave their firearms in a locker before having a drink.   This would be seen as a restriction, as Oklahoma citizens are allowed to order liquor while carrying a firearm, on condition that they aren’t intoxicated. 

What about having a drink first and then going to the shooting range?   Owner Swanson says all drivers licences are scanned on entering the restaurant, which will be picked up as soon as anyone tries to enter the shooting range premises after leaving the restaurant.   It is expected that the application will be granted.

(Article by Janelle Stecklein, adapted by LiquorWise)

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