Sunday 14 September 2014

New Guidelines for Liquor Licence Applications - Western Cape Liquor Board

Liquor Licence Applications -  The Western Cape Liquor Board has published a number of new guidelines relating to various aspects of liquor licence applications.    The first set of guidelines was mentioned in earlier publications and we summarise the second set below :

  • Containers - Licence holders will now be able to use any type of approved container to sell liquor, except in those cases where it is deemed necessary to prevent littering, vagrancy and loitering.   In the latter case, the type of container to be used may be limited in the licence conditions imposed by the Liquor Board.
  • Supermarkets - Any kind of supermarket which sells liquor, must ensure that the area in which liquor is displayed is separate from other areas and cannot in any way be accessed by the public after hours.
  • Alterations - It isn't required to submit an amended floor plan for approval by the Liquor Board if the alterations only relate to furniture being moved around.    
  • Deceased estate - When a liquor licence has to be transferred from a deceased estate, the approved liquidation and distribution account has to be submitted with the usual documents required to transfer a liquor licence.
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  • more detail regarding the abovementioned guidelines or 
  • the first set of guidelines published earlier.

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