Friday 14 November 2014

Liquor Store for Town of 8 People!

Liquor Store - Lakeside(Colorado) is a town with a total population of 8 people,  a Walmart and an amusement park(over 100 years old).  Lakeside will now become the home of Molly's Spirits, a high-tech beer, wine and liquor superstore set to open in November 2014.
Molly's owners expect to see the entire town show up for the liquor store's ribbon-cutting ceremony!   The store is described as a destination liquor store – hoping to draw customers from other metro areas.   What will Molly’s Spirits offer?  The latest in retail sales technology :
Check this out :
  • Over a dozen 65" and 30" flat-screens will be mounted throughout the store, displaying live feeds of tastings and demonstrations in progress,
  • video of participating breweries and wineries, and up-to-the-minute store specials.
  • Employees with tablet devices will be available for information as well as check-out, so customers can pay without having to go through a conventional check-out counter.
  • A wireless LCD tag system will keep prices on every item up-to-date and save on printing of traditional paper price labels.

The store was also designed to be energy-efficient
  • insulated slabs beneath the refrigerated areas,
  • LED lighting throughout the store
  • state-of-the-art skylights that can provide additional natural sunlight from above without losing heat through standard glass windows.

Other cool stuff for a liquor store :
  • a C-shaped tasting station designed to mimic the Colorado flag
  • reclaimed champagne riddling racks to display special bottles
  • recycled lumber siding and antler chandeliers
  • a central lounge area with couches where customers can relax or meet guest presenters from beer, wine and spirits manufacturers.
  • Beer will be one of the big focuses, with an expansive walk-in bomber room and 60 doors of cooler space.

The owners promise that the technology is only to back up human interaction. Therefore, staff will be well-versed in educating customers as well as helping them find selections.   They also plan to appeal to women, who they believe are often forgotten customers at liquor stores. 
(Article by Westwood, edited by LiquorWise - Read more on the LiquorWise Blog)

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