Wednesday 18 March 2015

Beer in 12-pack and 18-pack?

Liquor -  Every thought of a 12 - pack, or even an 18 - pack of beer?   We're all used to the name - "6 - pack".  It started with beer, but have become general usage even for cooldrinks sold in this way.   The 24 - bottle/tin variety is called a "case", but still contains 4 x 6 - packs.

12-packs and 18-packs are becoming commonplace in the USA, such as introduced by Miller Lite.  Craft brewers have taken it a step further, often mixing up different varieties of beer in a single pack.   Or even includes bottles and tins in the same pack.
Will we be able to buy these sizes locally sooner than later, as with so many US products and services eventually finding its way to the South African consumer?
(Article in Pitsburgh Post-Gazette, edited by The Licence Co)

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