Wednesday 18 March 2015

Powdered Alcohol - The Debate Rages On

Liquor -  The debate around powder alcohol, dubbed "palcohol", continue to rage on.  It was temporarily banned earlier this week in one more state in the USA.  One ounce gives the same alcohol content as one shot of liquor.   Four flavours are available currently - margarita, vodka, rum and cosmopolitan. Lawmakers are concerned that it would be difficult to control as it would be easy for minors to obtain and to conceal.

It seems that there will be no use in a complete ban, as one would stimulate a black market similar to the prohibition era.   It looks like another example of technology posing new challenges to society.

We believe it won't be long before it is introduced to the South African market. Watch this space! 

(Article by Gina Glaros, edited by The Licence Co)

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