Saturday 30 May 2015

Liquor Ban on Beaches to be lifted

Liquor law – The current liquor ban on Auckland beaches will be lifted from 1 November on all beaches, except for those in areas with a high crime rate or where residents object on strong grounds.    
In South Africa,  the general rule is that no drinking of alcoholic beverages in public is allowed, such as beaches and public open areas.   Drinking in municipal and provincial areas are governed by Municipal by-laws and Provincial LiquorLaws for specific areas.   
It is estimated that more than a 1000 spots along the Auckland coast will become available for sundowners and biscuits.  This may include some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Takapuna Beach. 
The expected lifting of the ban will follow the compulsory review of the alcohol by-law in June and July, caused by the creation of the Auckland Super City.   In the meantime, anyone transgressing in a banned area, can still be fined $250 on the spot!  

(Article by NZ Herald, edited by LiquorWise)

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