Saturday 30 May 2015

Liquor Store owners fight for lottery winnings

Liquor stores – Liquor store owners should ensure they have evidence of agreements to share lottery winnings from tickets bought at their liquor stores.   This is clear from a number of current disputes declared by lottery winners in the US who refuse to share their winnings with the owner of the liquor store where the respective tickets had been bought.  This, after promising to share when buying the tickets.  The winnings range between R3,5m up to R10m.  
Likewise, local supermarket owners in South Africa should take care to ensure they at least have the most basic details, such as a name, a percentage share, a date and a signature on hard copy.  It would probably even be ok to video such an agreement with a cell phone?  It seems it's much easier sharing potential winnings, than the hard cash...  

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