Tuesday 18 October 2016

Liquor on Western Cape School Premises causes uproar

Liquor licence Western Cape - Liquor will be allowed to be sold at functions on school premises if a proposed amendment to the WC Provincial Education Act is approved.   The proposal has been published for public comment and immediately drew strong comment from those in favour, as well as those in opposition to it.   

WC Education MEC, Debbie Schäfer, said that the current definition of “school activity” is so wide, it may include events off school premises.  Naptosa (a Teachers’ Union) warned that schools would not control the sale of liquor properly, though failed to state the basis for his contention.   The proposal flies in the face of the much discussed national draft liquor bill – which proposes a ban on all liquor outlets within a radius of 500m from any school.  However, very little has been published of the fact the liquor is a provincial competency.   This means that Provincial governments, and not the national government, are the sole regulators of the retail sale of liquor.   It will be interesting to see whether the proposed amendment is written into law.   We expect that we haven't heard the last on this matter and will keep you posted.  

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