Sunday 16 October 2016

Wine Tourism - Boosting Liquor Licensed Businesses

Wine tourism - 1 million bottles of SA wine are sold worldwide on a daily basis – presenting excellent wine tourism opportunities for local licensed and unlicensed businesses.

Liquor licence holders who have seized the opportunities offered by wine tourism, are already  reaping the financial benefits.   The Western Cape, especially, has established itself as a quality wine tourism destination, offering value for money and exceptional hospitality.
It is a fact that tourists are increasingly arranging their travels to include destinations in the food, wine and hospitality industries.  This is very good news for both licensed and unlicensed businesses.   Licensed liquor outlets can position themselves accordingly and enjoy the immediate benefit of selling wine and liquor products over the summer season.   Unlicensed business should seriously consider applying for a suitable liquor licence.   The initial, once-off cost will prove to be a small price to pay for the benefit of an additional income stream.   It will allow businesses to tap into this  tourism market which is set to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.    

The upcoming conference at the Spier Estate (see above) is bound to give fresh insights to all interested. Locals are urged to register at HERE as the workshops are very popular.

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