Monday 28 November 2016

Liquor Licence Renewal - Forget and you may lose your business

Liquor Licence Renewal - All liquor licence holders must renew their licences every year – irrespective of the kind of liquor licence. The process is different for each province.  Make sure of and don’t miss your final licence renewal payment date!   Failure to pay on time results in a licence becoming invalid.  This means no selling, manufacturing or distribution of liquor.  
Renewal reminder registration - Register HERE.  Licence holders are encouraged to register for licence renewal reminders with licence specialists – such as The Licence Co. The Licence Co sends reminders to licence holders on their renewal database on a regular basis.
NB - It remains the sole responsibility of a licence holder to renew on time.  It is futile to blame an employee who neglected to make the payment on behalf of the licence holder.

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