Monday 12 December 2016

Craft Beer Benefits - on a ligther note

Craft Beer Benefits - A common question from those new to craft beer will be - ok, but why?  Here are some of the reasons why craft beer drinkers believe we should choose their choice of beer :
  • Craft beer tastes better – Most people will agree that a craft beer taste better than the mass produced varieties.  

  • Choose your alcohol percentage – Most craft beers have an 5% to 10% alcohol by volume (abv), but some offer a higher abv, as much as 40%.
  • Fewer bathroom trips – You will drink fewer craft beers compared to the “lite” specials – appreciating new and delicious flavours will keep you occupied longer = fewer visits to the bathroom!
  • Health benefits – There are a lot of these (read more here)
  • Greater variety – The variety of craft beer seems endless, with literally thousands of varieties being available and unique flavours continually entering the market
  • Cheaper – Surprising? Yes, but if you consider that most craft beers are larger than normal “dumpies”, as well as the fact that craft beer are drunk at a slower pace, you will consume fewer craft beer than the usual commercial varieties. Do the maths!
  • Great times – Craft beer encourages interaction between family and friends due to its interesting flavours, colours, etc.  You’ll often end up passing craft beer around for all in your group to have a taste. Bonding on a big scale!
  • Meet the brewer -  Brewers are a unique breed and definitely worth meeting. They are an enthusiastic bunch who’ll inspire you to tackle that project which you’ve been putting off forever.
  • Good food -  Where you find craft beer you’ll usually find great food – or at least food which is often new and interesting.   

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