Tuesday 16 May 2017

Liquor Board Answers Questions

Liquor Board - The Western Cape Liquor Licensing Tribunal answered pressing questions relating to liquor licence applications at a recent meeting with attorneys and consultants.  Some of the issues highlighted were :
  • Training : All managers have to attend a prescribed training course;
  • Temporary Applications : The controversial 50 - day application period may still be implemented.   It will mean that applications have to be lodged more than 2 months before the event it is required for.  We'll keep our readers posted;
  • New Regulations : The Liquor Authority was hopeful to finalise the new regulations by June 2017.
Contact LiquorWise for more detail on other questions, such as when wine shelves may be moved around in a supermarket. 

LiquorWise will continue to engage with Liquor Licensing Authorities on proposed changes in liquor licensing laws and report on such changes. 

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